A Scary Truth

With graduation 68 days away I can officially say that I am freaking out. To start, I need to pass my classes in order to graduate so that’s what needs to be my main focus, but I can’t help but get distracted. I stress, and worry, and over-think about every possible scenario for how I plan to take advantage of the moments and months after I leave this city. All I do know is that I plan on staying home until August to spend time with my family, but after that it’s a free-for-all.

It’s not that I don’t have options because I do, but that’s part of the problem. I am the most indecisive person and too many decisions make me wonder if I will ever pick the right one or how many awesome options I’m missing out on. What I need to do is take a breather. I’ve decided to list out the things I need to do in the next two months so that these thoughts don’t float around constantly in the cloud where my head should be. They say writing it down helps, right?

– List out all assignments for class and dates to study.

– Buy a book for the GRE.

– Register for a practice exam and a real one.

– Pick online master programs for communications.

– Order my cap and gown + announcements.

– Book hotel for my family for graduation (this one should be fun).

– Worry about jobs in the middle of March and April, instead of stressing about them right now.

– Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. 

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