An Homage To My Spring Break

I’m 22. I’m a senior in college. And today marks the last day of my spring break.

Well, technically it ended 47 minutes ago. The first year I went to Hilton Head with two amazing friends and spent an awesome week with great people, plus a day trip to Savannah, Georgia. My sophomore year I honestly can’t remember and last year I spent it in the mountains. This year I think I wanted to rewind a little and so I did things a little backwards. Most people do their first crazy spring break freshman year, but I ended up doing it as my last. I went to Panama City Beach so I’m sure you can only imagine what I witnessed. It was definitely an experience for the books and one I never expect to revisit. But it was good to get away, even if I would spend the rest of my spring break working away my precious sunlight hours inside of a mall. Although I did get to spend my Friday adding to my beach tan. ☀️

Here are a few photos to sum it all up:










I guess this kind of marks the reality of graduating in just seven weeks. Here goes nothing.

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