Road Trip Ready

I love road trips, believe it or not. Ideally, it would be more fun to have another person along, but I don’t mind making drives by myself. In two years I hope to have road tripped across the U.S. so I’m hoping nothing changes between now and then.

Road tripping home, however, is a little different. You know the drive like you know the back of your hand and usually there aren’t any stops except for a gas station that sells 69 cent Polar Pops and the occasional McDonald’s drive-thru. I always want to stop, but places are either closed or I’m in a rush. The scenery is all so familiar, but don’t let it fool you because there have been times, in the four years driving on the same highway, that I was convinced I had taken the wrong way due to the fact that I noticed something new on the road. Quite an interesting situation in which you’re pulling out the Maps on your phone in order to figure out you’re actually taking the same route…as always.

This time the road trips are going to be way different and way more frequent. Every week I will be making the long haul down to my hometown on Tuesday nights after class and then trekking it back up on Sunday nights. I’ve chosen to work back home in order to pick up my end of the bills again. The last few months have been stressful and I’ve been putting everything aside, wanting nothing to do with people, school, or work because the stress just consumed me and so this is my way of dealing with it. Surprising as it may be it’s already helped. So these weekly road trips will be a time to reflect. Things I want to do, need to do, places I want to go and see. An array of things, really.

Hopefully, my road trips in the future will be a lot more enjoyable with an occasional diner pit stop and my dog hanging her face out of the backseat windows. Guess we’ll see!

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