My Resolution Came A Little Early This Year

Over the last couple days I’ve realized that I’ve been a real downer. I hate it. I’m grouchy with the people I care about it and I would rather lock myself in my room then talk with anyone. I’m not sure why. It’s just been this bad air around, I guess, but I’ve also realized that I feed into it by constantly talking about the circumstances that I consider problems. I’m constantly wanting to vent or rehash all the silly, little details. But why? What am I gaining from that? Clearly not the satisfaction I’m looking for if I still feel the need to continue the discussion. So, I’ve decided that part of my New Year Resolution is going to be talking about my joys and successes as opposed to my “problems”. Check out this photo I posted – it points out what so many of us fail to realize. Talking about our problems is like an addiction. We think it makes us feel better, but it doesn’t. Personally, I get mad all over again. I get irritated or frustrated, but if I’m talking about all the good then what’s to say that the opposite won’t happen? I’ll get excited and happy about the good things happening all around me. So, that’s part of my resolution. I don’t pick one. I usually tend to pick a few different ones that I mush together, but that’s a post for a different day. Today, however, I’m starting on this. Who says you can’t start early? It’s not about starting on the first and thinking I’m going to create a new person because I won’t, but I do want to improve my day to day and my outlook on life. Cheers to that! 🎉🎉✊🌀

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