Be You: Take One

Look around. Do you feel like people are happier, more successful, or living a better life than you? Happiness can’t be measured by the number of selfies posted to Instagram or how many people are squished into a photo. Success, believe it or not, isn’t (or at least shouldn’t be) measured by a paycheck. And living a better life shouldn’t amount to how many American Apparel jeans they own.

You want to know why? Because it’s entirely possible to feel alone in a crowded room even if a photo paints a different picture.¬†Because money doesn’t fill the void that makes you feel full of life. It doesn’t replace what culture, character, and laughter create – that sense of self and of appreciation. Success, for some, is a paycheck and there’s nothing wrong with that by any means.

Always remember that you have the biggest impact on how you feel. Don’t let someone’s highlight reel have a negative impact on the unedited version of your life that I’m sure you’re secretly comparing it to. And I know because I’ve done it.

BE YOU, whoever that may be, and don’t apologize for that.

2 thoughts on “Be You: Take One

  1. It’s so true. They say that social networks like Facebook and Instagram make us feel more depressed because it looks like everyone is having way more fun in life. But you make a really searching point about happiness not being in the thing we have. Great post.

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