Thankful Thursday

I’ve realized that we spend a lot of time complaining about what we don’t like as opposed to reflecting on the constant flow of goodness around us. It may not be the biggest thing or amount to the news of the full-time job your best friend just got in her chosen career, but it could be as small as something that puts a smile on your face.

Ever stop to wonder that maybe if you changed your perspective and outlook on life, that your life might actually start to reflect what you want it to? I know, that might not make sense because it’s kind of a run-on. You get the drift, though. So, in relation to my New Years resolution that came a little early I’ve decided that I’m not only going to cut back on complaining about my perceived negative situations, but I’m also going to talk about what’s happening that brightens my day or that I can benefit from in the long run.

Today I’m extremely grateful that I’m getting hours at Banana Republic. It’s stressful to work three jobs sometimes, but I know it’s with purpose. I’m also thankful for my parents who can be somewhat chaotic, but who support my dreams wholeheartedly. They’ve allowed me to live rent free so that I can pursue my career goals and I gotta say, it sure doesn’t get much better than that. Happy Thursday folks! Go out and rock 2015 👊 and feel free to post what you’re thankful for below! 👇

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