Happy Friday, Peeps! đŸŒť

So, the other day I was on Facebook and my old best friend from like… the fifth grade posted a status. She was talking about how in her new job she struggled at first because she went from knowing everything at her old job to knowing nothing at her new job. She talked about how she was throwing her all into her new job and was slowly becoming the best. She even talked about where she wanted to go and what her goals were – which is why she saw her current job as a stepping stone. And you know what? I so admire that!

We tend to think that because we’re in these temporary periods of our life that we don’t need to give our all because it “won’t matter when we get a new job” or it “won’t matter when we’re doing what we want to do”. However, the truth of the matter is that if you can’t give your all in your temporary job then how will anyone believe that you’ll give your all anywhere else. It’s about taking your current situation and creating something from it. Remember when I talked about perspective? Well, yeah, this is a perfect example.

I learned a little something about myself when I saw that status. I learned that I’m not doing what she’s doing. I wasn’t giving my all because I was frustrated with myself and my direction and who I am. I need to remember that things happen over time. I can’t keep wishing, waiting, and hoping for the future to be here already. Especially since time flies as it is. So, here’s to giving my all even if it’s not the most thrilling. Go out and rock your Friday! 👏✊👊

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