Adult Life

It’s hard. Don’t let anyone lie to you. I think for me it’s that I just feel extremely overwhelmed. There is so much information that I need to absorb, learn, and then turn around and put into practice. Sometimes, when I’m looking at blogs or Instagram, I can’t help but wonder how some people make it look so incredibly easy. Now, this isn’t to say that you should compare your experience to theirs (even though that does sometimes happen and I would be a hypocrite to say otherwise), but their experience and growth will be different than yours.

People have different strengths, fears, and ways of growing. I have to keep telling myself that. Some people are more likely to throw themselves into something and learn along the way, but the idea of that stresses me out beyond belief. So, here I am taking some words of wisdom from a TEDx talk that I saw the other day. The guy speaking told the audience that in order to learn a skill and be knowledgeable that it takes 20 hours. That’s basically going from knowing nothing to something, which is better than where you started. And so I’m teaching myself some basic skills that I think will help me push through this initial rut. I’m extremely nervous and scared of rejection and failing, but how will I know if I don’t just jump in with two feet and try it.

Anyone else have some of these same thoughts? Share below!

2 thoughts on “Adult Life

  1. I share your views, sometimes we are afraid to try new things because of the fear of failing or rejection. However, I think the real failure is not trying at all. Learning or trying out something new is the first step towards success.

    1. I agree! Not trying is the biggest failure because there would be no way to know out true potential. Success is just as much about “making it” as it is about overcoming what you feel holds you back. Snaps to us for taking the first step! 👏👏

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