Two Weeks Too Long

Or at least I’m sure that’s what some of you are thinking and I get it, but that’s exactly why I’m writing this. Your New Year Resolution –  don’t let it hold you back stop you from who you want to be and why you ultimately chose that particular goal. Why wait until the New Year to start?! The Resolution is about making you a better version of yourself and this is where some people get caught up or they bite off a little more than they can chew.

I’ve been there and I’m sure we all have. Maybe your goal is to workout and be healthy or to not gossip. Maybe you messed up and feel like you failed at your Resolution, but that is the problem with this whole Resolution business we’ve been taught and grown up with. Just because you slipped up on one day or even on one week doesn’t mean that you can’t start again the very next day. You don’t have to wait until 2016 or Monday (and I am so, so guilty of the “oh, I’ll wait until Monday” thing), but let’s stop that! Maybe as we grow and try to focus on our Resolutions we can also work on not putting so much emphasis on the whole idea of changing ourselves as opposed to just molding who we want to be. Shouldn’t that be the reason we choose these goals? So, think hard about why you chose that Resolution.

In early December I talked about how my Resolution came a little early this year and man, oh man, I had a rough time with this for a while and I’m still working on it. The thing is that it made me focus on how often I was actually focusing on my negatives instead of my positives. I even did it today. I was at work and felt overwhelmed so I just got in a mood and then I got home and vented to my mom about how all I want is personal freedom without the attachment of a full-time job that I don’t enjoy. I love creativity, freedom, and independence. Those things are kind of lacking in the office environment and ESPECIALLY when you work with all men. But as I talked with my mom I focused on all the positive aspects of having a full-time job and specifically this job. Here are a few things I chose to remind myself:

1. I am getting health insurance through my company (this is a big plus)

2. I like the people.

3. They have been flexible about my schedule.

4. My boss is great.

5. I make enough money to start putting into savings.

So, those are just a few things. Yeah, it frustrates me to no end when I feel like I don’t have creative freedom or like I’m stuck at work instead of enjoying life, but I just have to think of it as my stepping stone. It’s not forever so why waste so much time worrying about how much I wish I was doing something else when I’m throwing myself at being able to do just that later down the road. And this is exactly why I chose this Resolution. Because I want to consciously focus on the amazing things happening in my life even if they don’t seem amazing at this moment. I don’t want to be a negative person. I want to have less anger and more peace. That’s part of my goal for bettering who I am and I feel as though focusing on the positives is one of the many paths that lead to this road I want to be on.

Why did YOU choose your resolution? I would love to hear what you have to say so comment below!

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