A Book A Day

Keeps the headaches away? Yeah, I think I’ll stick with that one. I’ve been slacking in the book department – I used to read like if it was my personal method of hydration. But I’m not sure what happened. A culmination of things, really. I think I’m ready to jump back in though and what better way than reading some of my favorites and I think I might throw Paper Towns in there because a) the movie is coming out and b) I’m a sap and I hear John Greene is great.

So, with that being said, here is my May list of reads:

1. To Kill A Mockingbird – because I can read this book 100 million times and never, not once, get sick of it. There’s something about it that makes me want to get out of my chair and do something great in the world around me – I could really use a dose of that right now.

2. The Truth About Forever – I don’t care what anyone says because I will always love YA books, but especially if they’re written by someone like Sarah Dessen.

3. Paper Towns – Did I mention that I’ve heard nothing but great things about John Greene?

4. The Time of My Life: So. Much. Perspective. About life and about what leads us to where we are and the fact that it’s never too late to change a situation.

That’s it. That’s my list. May is all about the fun reads. About getting back into my swing of things. About figuring myself out and combining who I used to be with who I want to become. Right now I’m just in this awful in between of figuring it all out. Well, there’s no better place to start than the beginning and this right here is my beginning.

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