23 Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me

I don’t think I mentioned this, but I turned 23 back in December. It’s strange getting older, not gonna lie, but I’ll definitely still be that person with a million candles on my birthday cake. No shame.

There are a lot of things they say about being in your 20’s. Mostly stuff along the lines of being care free and having your whole life to “figure it out”. I don’t want to take my whole life to figure out my life though. Does that make sense? I have goals and things I wanna do. Right now my I have three huge goals for myself in the next two years. I want to start my business, road trip across the good ol’ US of A, and backpack across Europe. And I wanna do this stuff before I turn 26. I also have six cities I wanna live in before I hit the dirty thirty, but that might need to get extended a little. One only has so much time and money, you know?

So, the truth is that I think these years should be enjoyable and care free, but not in a “oh, I’ll figure out the important stuff later”. I’m not saying that I want to be super strict about what I want to do in life because life happens! Things change and so do goals and dreams. I just wanna spend the rest of my life not thinking about having to work for someone else or whether or not I’ll be able to afford a vacation to see something spectacular. I don’t want to worry about never having reached my goals or achieved my dreams.

This is just me though! People have their right to live their twenties the way they want. Just don’t tell me I’m wasting away my precious hours when in reality I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing in order to make sure that the rest of my life is just as care free as my twenties. Cheers to that. 🎉✊

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