Confessions of a New York Newbie

I think that we can all agree that moving is already stressful. And I’m moving states away from home, so you can multiply that by 100. Not to mention when you have to find a way to bring the majority of your clothes and immediate necessities by plane.

So, imagine my surprise when I’m packing my suitcases for my flight this morning and I realize that my bags are way too heavy. Anything over 50 pounds and you add an automatic 100 dollar fee. Let me tell you – I was not about to pay that. I already had two bags and I needed two carry-ons. So, ensue the chaos. And I do mean complete chaos.

My mom and I pulled out the vacuum sealed bags of clothes from my suitcase and weighed them. Then we let the air out and weighed them again just to be sure. We started pulling out the most essential pieces of my wardrobe and setting them aside. We quickly realized that my business clothes weighed the most and my mom packed them all in my carry-on. The perfect place because it doesn’t get weighed. Once we had a good idea of what we wanted from each bag, we weighed it again to determine how much weight went into the suitcases. Not to mention that we weighed the suitcases beforehand to account for how heavy they were.

And the best part? How we weighed it all. We only have a tiny scale that sits propped in a corner in the bathroom. So, I weighed myself. And then I picked up the items I wanted to weigh and weighed myself holding them. Imagine yourself gaining twenty pounds in an instant. That was my situation as the numbers flicked to the their final weight.

“How much weight do we have left?”

“Did you weigh that?”

“Think we can add a few more things?”

All valid questions.

And the moment of truth. Check-in. That was nerve wracking and the guy was a jerk. I peered around the counter and saw the number: 42 pounds for the the first bag. Phew. Then there was bag number two. All I could hear was the possibility of him letting me know it was too heavy. I eyed the digital screen. 38 pounds. Success.

Three suitcases of clothes, accessories, shoes, and toiletries. Plus, school stuff and my computer. I still have so much stuff left at my parents house and this was a reality check regarding all the stuff I own. But, at least I made it and I’m spending my first night in the city.


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