Day 1: The Beehive

Day 1 of 90:The Beehive presented by The Wild Honey Pie and Pop Montreal

Okay, last night was awesome. And I don’t want to forget a second. Best idea I’ve ever had, actually. The night started out interesting, to say the least. I walked as fast as my little, short legs could go all the way to Bank of America with 4 minutes to spare before they closed and then I picked the ONE subway station where the machine wouldn’t take bills and that smelled like things you don’t want to know (let me just add that the two guys behind me almost turned around). Luckily, a guy was paying attention and swapped me coins for bills (sending you endless amounts of thanks, my friend). Wait. Let’s rewind a bit. I missed the part where my foot got stuck in a plastic grocery bag. Yeahhhh buddy, that happened. I had to literally stop and unstick my foot. I could have been embarrassed, but I just looked over at the older guy nearby and we both had a laugh about the current situation of my life (well worth it, I tell you). Okay, back to me getting there. This place is almost a hole in the wall. Well, not almost. It basically is and without the self-made “The Beehive” banner, I would have missed it. But holy Watermelon-rita they served as part of their “bubble bar”. The whole place was awesome. 100%. Art everywhere. String lights. And reallllyyy good music. Actually, stop what you’re doing and check out the first band, which was one of my favorites: Frances Cone. Seriously, take a listen. It’ll give you a glimpse of how I started the night.

Bee Fact # 1: Honeybees never sleep

I was fine being alone, but that’s not to say I didn’t want to make friends. I was nervous that I wouldn’t end up talking to a single person (although if you know me, then you know this is basically impossible because I’m a chatter box, so why was I stressin’?) I ended up making fast friends with a lot of people. Some I remember their names and some I dont. But basically it comes down to this: I met the lead singer, Christina, of Frances Cone (take this link as a subtle reminder that I still think you should take a listen if you haven’t already) and she then introduced me to a few of her friends. That kind of broke the ice for me and my nerves still hung around, but it was a lot easier to ignore. And then food. Seriously. Food trucks should be on every street corner of every city of every state. The Beehive Oven had a few options and I chose the $5 Andouille Corn Dog Bites. Maybe it’s because they’re bringing the South to NYC, but it’s safe to say that I was completely happy with that decision. So, I sat there with my corn dog bites, a Nine Pin Hard Cider, and I just soaked it all in. What a perfect way to start my 90 days. But it didn’t end there. Obviously (although food’s not a bad way to go out). I ended up playing corn hole with this couple who had been sitting in front of me. They wanted to play and the other teams were just shuffling back and forth, so I just went straight up to them and was like uneven teams are underrated, let’s play (okay, so I may not have said it just like that, but I should have). We ended up adding a teammate named Adam who was from the first band. It was a good time and a solid reminder that I suck at corn hole, but whatever.

Bee Fact #2: Honeybees are responsible for approximately 80% of all fruit, vegetable, and seed crops in the United States

After we were done with the game I went in and checked out Palmas. One word: great. Their music makes you feel some type of way.

One lyric really got me though.

Are you afraid that you won’t be all the things that you said you’d be – Palmas

And the answer is yes. This captures my every thought. I know it’s not just me. I get that there are people out there who have this same fear, but that doesn’t make me feel it any less (side note: almost just missed my Day 2 event because I was writing this in Madison Square Park, whoops).

Bee Fact #4: Honeybees are the only insect that produce food for humans

At some point I missed Bee Fact #3, so just let your imagination run wild. While I was waiting for Palmas to be introduced I got caught taking notes about my night (talk about semi-embarrassing LOL). This guy from The Wild Honey Pie was like, “Oh, those are a lot of notes. I didn’t read them, but those are a lot of notes. Are you reviewing the show?” And for whatever reason I told him about this 90 day project and he listened. And so I realized that it actually felt kind of good to talk about it. Maybe some of these people will never read this blog, but I will have hopefully inspired them in some way. I ended up making one last set of friends before the night ended. I sat down at a semi-empty table with a guy who had three beers. Turns out the bar had a 15 dollar tab minimum so he bought three, one for him, one for his girl friend, and one that he offered to me. These people were great. Him and his girlfriend, Emily, are moving to Denver in about two weeks and it was fun getting to know a bit about them all. I got to chat with one girl named Breanne whose friends with Emily and it was kind of exactly what I needed to hear. She went to NYU for grad school and saw it as an investment that she’s already paid off. She’s worked for the same lady for two years who she met at a career fair after college. What’s crazy is that she said she never once applied for a job. Her network and school made it so that people essentially reached out to her. If you know me, then you know I’ve been struggling with the grad school decision. Move back to Florida for a great program and cheaper tuition or make the investment (such a wise way to look at it). It’s funny because I knew I was exactly where I needed to be and then a few minutes later the guy turned around and was like I feel like that beer was meant for you. And out of everyone here it was supposed to go to you. Talk about perfect timing.

Overall? Last night was perfect. 



Song selection: Frances Cone – Miles (We never found what we were hoping for, but sometimes that’s better for us)

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