Day 3: Intersect

Day 3 of 90: Intersect at Bryant Park

Well, last night was a perfect example of how things don’t always work out the way you expect them to. Whether it’s a date, a job, or the cross-country roadtrip you’ve been planning for years (no big, it’s going to happen eventually). I was really looking forward to music in the park. And then I got lost – typical. So, I ended up at Bryant Park right after the first set of music ended and I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the second set to be honest, but it was nice to just sit back and be outside. I’ve been so cooped up that I forget what it’s like to just be still.

The one thing that stood out to me was how happy people were. You could feel it. And I felt like I was missing out on some well kept secret, but the whole point of this 90 Days thing is to realize that I’m not. Happiness (and life in general) doesn’t just walk up to your door and say, “Hey, I’m here”. I have to remember that this is my beginning; I can’t compare where I’m at with all of these other people. I just have to be in the moment at every moment. It’s kind of like the movie Inside Out. If you haven’t seen it then click on that link!! It’s so worth it and I cry every time I watch it, but I think it’s just an awesome example. Sometimes Joy takes a break and you feel all out of sorts and in limbo, but she worked hella hard to get back to headquarters.

Anywho, enough of that. I’m going to say that I ended the night on a pretty great note. I picked up an ice cream cone on my way to Port Authority and taught the guy in the truck a new word: “shambly”. I was scrambling around for my change and mumbled something about my life being so shambly at that moment. He looked so confused, but after careful explanation I now have high hopes that he’s selling ice cream cones and using the word shambly to describe things. Ha!

Shambly: in shambles, chaotic, a wreck, you name it.


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