I See London, I See France

August 25th

No, really. I (will) see France for my 25th freaking birthday!! Today was a whirlwind and beautiful and I still can’t believe that I’m turning 25 in PARIS!!! There was some freaky flash sale going on and let’s just say that I got an early birthday present that I’m extremely grateful for.

There are so may things I want to say to try and describe what I’m feeling, but all I can think of is excitement and shock. A mixture of those two accurately represent my lack of ability to form actual words to explain all of this. It’s my first, real solo trip outside of the country. All by my lonesome and I couldn’t be more excited. Traveling alone is thrilling. It’s scary. It puts things into perspective. And it’s also magical, and breathtaking in ways you can’t explain, but have to experience.

And I can’t wait.

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