An Open Invitation

The last three days have consisted of not leaving my bed, except for work, and endless hours working on this site. And it’s still a longggg way from being finished, but it’s up and running and that’s really all I can ask for right now.

Three years ago I started a blog. In reality it was just some half-assed attempt at an online journal. But I’ve grown and I feel the need for it to grow with me. I’m not entirely sure why, but I want it to be more than just words on a screen. I’m 25 and the world is constantly screaming at me that I should “have it together” according to society standards – and that’s a load of crap. So what? My life’s unconventioanl, I get it. And I’m not the only one. I’ve felt lost more times than I can count. This little site started during one of the most misguided moments of my life (probably why it was so half-assed), but the point is that we all have our moments. Admittedly some more than others, but whatever.

If you’re reading this and you know me then it’s because I definitelyyyy just shared a link with you and if you’re looking for me I’ll probably be hiding out. I never said this was going to be easy, but being so open about your life rarely is. This is an invitation for people to run rampant through the thoughts that come to me at midnight or at 3pm. And if it’s at 3pm then most likely while I’m taking an order – “I’m sorry, did you say lean or marbled brisket for your sandwich?”

It’s a work in progress, just as I am. Be gentle. Be open-minded. But most of all, be ready. It’s real and bumpy like life tends to be. Enough with trying to pretend like we have it all together. It’s about being okay with who we are and where we are in this moment because we were never meant to be perfect.

Within these posts you’ll find an assortment of my random thoughts, travels, and creative work. It’s for those of you who want a laugh or those of you who feel exactly as I’ve felt – like they’re lost and not sure which direction is which.

Sincerely, Emi

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