Love: The Word of the Day

To be honest this post has been hard to write. I put pen to paper and couldn’t seem to convey exactly what I was trying to say, but this seems to be the best effort of many. So, here it goes.

Self-love. The type of love we seem to sideline more often than not. The type of love we don’t talk about nearly as often as we should. There’s no doubt that cultivating relationships with others is so important, but do we love ourselves the way that we love others? Do we give ourselves quality attention and downtime? That’s what this post is about. To normalize the fact that it’s okay to take a rest day or five. There’s no shame in wanting time that’s just yours.

I think we glorify this idea that we constantly need to be around people and doing something. That life has to be glamorous around the clock, but that’s just a load of shit. I think that some people keep going out of a fear that they’ll miss something, out of a sense of obligation, but what about the obligation we have to take care of our souls? To nourish the goodness within. Why don’t we treat ourselves with the same respect that we treat others with? Remember, a car that drives and drives will always need tune-ups to prevent it from breaking down and overheating. The same goes for you. Love yourself enough to take the time you deserve.

In the past few years I’ve realized that spending time with myself is just as important as the time I set aside for other people. I try, and sometimes fail, to avoid a burnout. I really have started to pay attention to where the scales even out for me specifically and where I can find my balance. I’m getting better at recognizing the signs – how I feel, when I feel it, and what I need to do about it. It’s a constant back and forth struggle between wanting to keep going and knowing that I just need a break.

How do you unwind, how do you rest, how do you say, “fuck this, I’m taking a me day?” Do it. Pencil yourself in. Trust me. It’s so worth it to care for yourself the way that you care for other people. I wish I would have realized it earlier. In college I was so concerned with never missing anything that I neglected myself far too often and that took a toll on who I was as a person. When we give of ourselves, but don’t give to ourselves we sacrifice more than we realize. Recognize the difference.

Give yourself quality attention because you deserve it. Do things because they make you genuinely happy, not out of a sense of obligation. Your rested self will thank you.

Sincerely, Emi

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